The Peak District: Day One – A Slight Breeze (02/01/15)

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Happy New Year. Welcome to the year 2015, the year of flying cars, hoverboards and questionable fashion sense, that is at least according to Back to the Future II.

This year started in a great way – with a last minute holiday to the peak district. I should probably explain a couple of things first. I am not one to take on the challenge of New Year resolutions, mainly because the resolutions people pick are usually holistic and last no more than January.

But this year, I thought of something I could genuinely do for my self. My resolutions are about making 2015 a great year for me and hopefully my friends around me. 2014 was a really good year for many reasons; finishing my degree, starting a new job, enjoying my time with friends and actually graduating, all topped off with a lovely Christmas break in which I saw family that I don’t very often get to see. 2015 isn’t about topping that, but is about just having a good year. With University out of the way and work as busy as ever, I am fully aware that there might not be the same momentous achievements as the year previous so it is up to me to make it a good year.

Therefore, my resolutions are:

  1. Do more stuff – yes, this could be considered vague but I know what it means. To me, this is about getting out when I’m not working and seeing a bit more of the world. That isn’t to say lots of travelling but just heading to different places and having a good time. It also means getting out the house and arranging to see friends more often, even if it is just for a coffee.
  2. Take more pictures – I love memories and with my resolution of trying to do more, I figured I should document some of those cool things I do!

So based on these resolutions, when I got invited to the peak district for a few days, I couldn’t say no!

Having spent the afternoon of the first day of the new year travelling up to the peak district, I was ready to get going on a nice walk the next day. The second of January was a cold, crisp but for the most part, beautiful day.

We took to the dales for a nice 8-mile walk. Something I always believe about Britons is that they don’t know what’s on their own doorstep. I am lucky enough to have enjoyed some great holidays over the years from Skiing in the French Alps to walking through the Alps in Germany or Austria. But actually, some of the best holidays over the years have taken place on home soil. The British countryside is beautiful.

The second of January happened to be an extremely windy day but the dales of the peak district looked as nice as ever with the sun shining, the sky as blue as ever and the rolling green fields.

Something I found particularly interesting about the walk we did on this occasion was watching the natural progression of a river as we progressed down the dale into the valley. From the top, it was easy to see the V-Shaped valley that you might have learnt about in Geography, but strangely, it was pretty much dry. There signs of a stream at the top of the dale and it wasn’t until we moved right down the valley, effectively moving down the V-Shaped valley before the valley began to level out slightly in the middle becoming what would be described as something more like a U-Shaped valley.

It was here that the river appeared again. It has done something very clever, and that was to find the shortest route down the dale. Rather than following the winding valley, the river had forced itself through the limestone hills to the bottom of the valley, therefore leaving the V-Shaped valley dry.

The rest of the walk then followed the river for a few miles. Whilst I was never a huge fan of walking as a child, I can truly understand the fascination and if not doing it for the exercise, the scenery is breathtaking!


Daily Thought/Idea – 1/8/14

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Buy a games console, they’re great!

As you might have guessed from yesterdays lazy post, I like games. And that’s why I say, buy a games console! They’re fun and a great escape from the real world.

I mean, I love films and TV and all that jazz but there is something about gaming that takes entertainment to a whole new level and the interaction makes you feel that little bit more a part of the story.

It’s great! And as it’s a Friday night, I’m going to keep this short and go play some games!

Daily Thought/Idea – 31/7/14

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Read this blog post

Yes, this is shameless self promotion, but if you like games, then read this blog about the free games you can get as part of Xbox Live Games with Gold in August.

So there you have it, my daily idea is that you should read this blog!


Daily Thought/Idea 30/7/14

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Treat every pound as if it was your last…

So this idea actually came on my lunch break today. I went for a walk to buy the paper and realised I had a bit more money than I thought. I began to think of the treats I could buy with my extra bit of money.

I then began to think of how much money you could save if you thought of every pound as your last. But it’s not even about saving, it’s about appreciating. If it really was your last pound and you bought, say, a chocolate bar, then surely that chocolate bar would taste better because the last of your hard earned money had gone into it.

But then again, if you’re treating every pound as your last, maybe you wouldn’t even buy the chocolate bar. You would think more economically than that. You might go to another shop and buy a three pack of chocolate bars for a pound.

And then when you start to put that onto a much larger scale, you begin to think before you buy: do I really need this? If you feel like you might regret the purchase, you don’t buy it. Simples!

Daily Thought/Idea – 29/7/14

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Always work hard

I know, you’re thinking, what a crap thought… That’s just a given isn’t it. Because of course working hard gets you to high places and all that jazz…

But I don’t necessarily mean just working hard in your work or school life, I mean work hard at everything.

Relationships are a particularly good example. They take hard work! If you don’t put the work in, don’t expect anything out.

And that goes for most things in life. And a clichéd idea, is life really long enough to waste on a half hearted effort?

To be honest, I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know, is that the result of something you’ve worked hard on is a damn good feeling.

I’m just saying, for me, hard work is the way to go.

Daily Thought/Idea – 28/7/14

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Take some time for yourself…

I don’t know whether I’ve already touched upon this in another post, but it’s so important to take some time for yourself.

And to be honest, that’s why this is a short post. Because the last week has been so busy, work and personal, that I’m taking time for myself. Feel free to look through my blog but just make sure you start putting that bit of time aside each week as ‘me-time’!

Daily Thought/Idea – 27/7/14

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Put the f***ing phone down!

Some of you won’t want to hear this, as I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re reading this very post on your phone. To be fair, this post refers to general portable electronics that connect to the internet (yes, that includes iPads and Google Glass).

Have you ever noticed how the world is becoming an anti-social place in the most social way possible?

On multiple occasions I have been out for a coffee with my friends, and the first thing everyone does is get there phone out. We then spend 30 minutes making the occasional chuckle of laughter. But what’s worse is that it goes one step further. People actually end up sitting together and then engorging themselves in social media.

Rather than actually talking to the people around them, they divulge in their online world where everything feels safe and there are no awkward silences, but I say; ENOUGH!

Supposedly we are advanced, evolved human beings, who have spent thousands of years learning to communicate with each other, but I genuinely feel our latest evolution where we only communicate through a virtual world, the internet that is, is bad for humanity.

Where will be in another 10 years? I’m sure by then the iPhone 15 and Google Glass 6.0 will take us to a literal virtual world where our friends will only be recognisable because a screen in front of our eyes identifies the acquaintance and displays information about them. Yeah, sure, that sounds cool, but it’s completely counter-productive when you think of the thousands of years spent developing a whole system of complex languages all over the world so we can understand each other and communicate.

There are pushing a couple of hundred thousand words in the English language, but because of word and character limitations, our future form of communication could soon push many of these words to become extinct and replaced by shorter words.

The most troubling thing about it all, is that I am part of it. To Google is now a verb in my eyes and whenever someone asks a question I don’t know the answer to, the first thing I do is ‘Google it’ on my phone. But that is perfectly fine, I completely support technology and the internet in aid of creating a smarter more efficient planet where the ability to learn is unlimited.

What I don’t like is how it seems to be taking over our lives and becoming a primary source of communication… when you’re sat next to them. So put the phones down and enjoy the company of your friends.

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